Articulated Bitumen Sprayer

Articulated Bitumen Distributor/Tanker can be towed by any standard tractor unit. Fully fitted with all spraying equipment and hydrostatic drive. Suitable for transporting and spraying binder. Tank capacity from 6,500 litres to 25,000 litres. Spraybar width can be fixed 2.4m or expanding to 4.2m.

Description: Hot Binder Sprayer consisting of a heating tank and assembly complete with all associated pumping and control equipment to facilitate the Surface Dressing of Roads. The complete sprayer is mounted on double axle trailer running gear with one lifting axle and towed by a standard tractor unit.

Tank: Tank fabricated from mild steel to maximum section incorporating anti-surge baffles and 200mm dia. heating flue. Tank insulated with wirebacked dense rockwool matting and clad with Aluminium sheeting.

Tank Capacity: 20,000 litres.

Heating: Binder is heated by internal flue using either LPG or Diesel Burner.

Pumping: A positive displacement Bitumen pump with integral relief valve with output of 600 litres per minute is fitted. The Binder Pump is driven by an auxiliary engine powered hydraulic power pack which is mounted on the trailer unit.

Spraying: A Target/Rincheval constant pressure Spraybar is fitted consisting of 42 No. slot jets at 100mm centres. The system consists of two spraybar bodies, which extend to either side, giving an overall spraying width of 4,200mm. Spray jets automatically open/close as the sprayed width varies and there is individual jet control. Spray jets open/close pneumatically. The spraybar has pneumatic raising/lowering. A constant pressure spraying system is fitted to the Binder Pump.Spraying pressure is displayed on the operator panel. Air supply is from an auxiliary tank fitted on the truck air system.Hydraulic expansion of the spraybar is by 24 V.DC Power Pack. The operator’s platform is raised and fitted with protective handrail and access steps to each side.

View a movie of the constant pressure Spraybar here:

Fittings: Pipework includes pump on/off lines, pressure relief valve,flexible hoses to spraybar and washout tank complete. Two filters are fitted to the hot binder pipework. A hand spray lance is provided. An In-cab control panel is fitted allowing one man operation. A Spraybar Output Monitoring Unit is fitted providing full real time information on the spraying operation, including Spray Rate, to the driver. The Spraying performance is recorded and printed out. The unit is fitted out with truck markings, mudguards, splashers, warning flashing beacons and all necessary lighting.

Testing: All systems are fully calibrated and tested to specification.

General: The Binder tank size can be varied to suit customer requirements. An overnight heating system can be fitted.