Bitumen Emulsion Storage Tank

Storage Tanks for Hot Bitumen Emulsion, highly insulated and fitted with internal heating to maintain product at constant working temperature. Can be gantry mounted for gravity loading of sprayers or located at ground level with pumped loading. Ideal for isolated sites.

Description: Storage Tanks for Hot Bitumen products.

Capacity: 10,000 litres to 150,000 litres

Tank: Tank fabricated from mild steel in cylindrical section for vertical or horizontal storage.

Insulation: Dense Rockwool wirebacked insulation 100mm thick

Cladding: External cladding in aluminium sheeting.

Heating: Heating by internal heating flue. LPG gas or diesel burner fitted.

Gauges: Temperature gauge fitted on tank. Contents gauge fitted.

Fittings: Tank top manway. Pump on and pump off pipework. Safety access ladder and work platform. Temperature controlled overnight heating. Support steelwork available.