Combination Sprayer

This ACMAR Combination Sprayer is an automatic sprayer-spreader for road maintenance and small surface dressing jobs.

This ACMAR Combination Sprayer is an automatic sprayer-spreader for road maintenance and small surface dressing jobs. This COMBI can spray binder and spread chippings simultaneously and automatically.View as short movie of the Spraying Chipping Operation here:

See the Chip Body Detail here:  


All operations are controlled by a single operator from the driver’s cab.Tank capacity: 5,000 – 8,000 LitresHopper capacity from 6m³ - 8m³

Direct or thermic fluid heating system

IHM in cab

Telescopic spray bar from 3.60 to 4.40 metres


Binder Tank: Emulsion Tank with a capacity of 6,000 litres

Tanker with venting, safety explosion proof valve, washplates, pyrometer (100° maxi), level gauge and manhole.

Gravity drain pipes at the back of the equipment with “stop” manual valve.

Pipe and manual valve to fill a can during the job, with access from the ground.

Level  indicator to 500 litres. Manhole with a neatness cistern.

Access platform to the manhole with access ladder and safety bar.

Heat lagging: Roller Mineral wool high density, 100 mm thick and crossed with aluminium Duralinox covering.


Heating system:

Direct heating system with “U” shaped tube covering  the bottom length inside the tank, fitted on flange to simplify technical operations. External inox chimney.

Automatic Burner 220 volts (automatic starting and regulation) : power 170 000 kcal/hour. Converter24/220 V. Usable on external network.

Temperature regulation box with external display. 70 litres fuel tank with UTAC conformity.


Binder Circulation:

Binder filter with removable basket and insulated High Density with aluminium coating Duralinox.

Filter heated by electrical heater with thermic oil, with secure opening and  access from the ground for technical operations.

Binder pump flowrate 50 m³/hour, with double coat to be reheated by electrical heaters in thermic oil.

Heating of the binder pump with or without product inside the tank.

Binder pump easy access from the rear platform or from the ground.

Pump reheated by electrical heater with thermic oil.


Binder Circuit Draining:

Anti pollution device for a total draining of the binder circuit by return to tank (including the spraybar). No binder on the ground.

Totally automatic draining system, controlled from the cab.


Computer : Computer in Cab with Touch Screen, including all controllers for:

Dosage and job site conditions programming following CE specifications 26;

Automatic adjustment of binder pump speed following binder dosage, width of spraying, work speed and binder density;

Display of the real truck speed;

Visualization of the selected jets;

Variable speed for spraybar opening and closing – jet by jet or cm by cm;

Work on telescopic spraybar or fix spraybar or emergency mode.

Ergonomic control arm, with joystick, in cab giving the driver the maximum visibility.

Synchronized control of spraying jets and trap doors of aggregates. Individual controllers of trap doors in “Patching” mode with visual sighting.

Selections of: ‘spraying only’ or ‘spraying + chipping’ or ‘chipping only’.

Visual sighting (LED) integrated on the front glass in cab to locate areas to be sprayed and indicating jets and trap doors state on selected part of the road.

Device with delay on spraying to allow  driver to engage spraying by looking in front of him and not behind.

Lateral panel control including: manual pump speed adjustment (2 positions), controllers for binder circuit for manual operations, emergency stop, air pressure indicator.

Gestion and regulation device for aggregates dosage,depending on the aggregate and the working speed.

Display of dosage in L/m² and not Kg/m²


Spraying: 3.6m

Aluminium handlance with conical jet and adjustable flowrate. Strengthened and flexible, equipped with a rotational fitting for easier use. Handlance equipped with a stop valve and hand support.

Flexible with length of 10m on automatic winch.

Telescopic spraybar RB100, in 3 parts, spraying width 3m60, with 36 pneumatic stainless steel jets spaced by 100 mm (3 recovering on ground).

Individual jets open and close by double effect pneumatic pistons.

Spraybars are independant of the two chipping hoppers.

Additional border jets

Protection flap on spraybar extremities


Chipping: HOPPER 6m³ / SPREADER 3,60m

Horizontal hopper (ACMAR/FLIEGEL), capacity 6 m³, with pushing shield actioned by double hydraulic cylinder. The shield is automatically activated by a chipping sensor in the hopper or controlled in manual mode.

Stainless steel thickness 4 mm. Double hopper (around 0,6 m³) between the main hopper and the chipping spreader telescopic hoppers.

Big coffer for tools under the hopper.

Repartition screw, at the bottom rear of the main hopper, in 2 independant parts are equipped with hydraulics to move right, left, centre, move to the left and right simultaneously.

Chipping spreader composed of 2 telescopic hoppers for chipping width of 3.6m with 18 trap doors pneumatically control.

Chipping spreader with roller and regulation plate adjustable following the aggregates diameter controlled from cab computer.

Two hydraulic cylinders for the hoppers and spraybar extensions movements.

Chipping bin for shovel, access from the back of the equipment.

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