Hot Oil Boiler

High performance equipment to heat thermal fluid up to 280 degrees celsius to be used for the heating and storage of binders, for the production of mastic asphalt and for the storage of various fluids for all types of plants. Welded construction, with over pressure boiler furnace.

Description: RINCHEVAL Heater of high inertia, thermal power of 800,000 kcal/h (930 KW), Complete automatic functioning, mounted on oil tank.

  • Welded construction, with over pressure boiler furnace.
  • Expansion interior membranes, at the front and at the rear of the generator.
  • Rectilinear returning fumes tubes, not exposed to the flame.
  • Bolted back inside the firebox, without scalloping.
  • Large fumes box.
  • Rock wool sheet insulation, 130 mm thick, protected by an ISOXALE cover.
  • Demountable fumes box for inspection of the firebox and returning fumes tubes
  • Thermal exchange, 2 W/cm²
  • Fumes temperature lower than 300°C at the gas stackl.
  • 2-speed burner, fully automatic. Power of 800,000 kcal/h, functioning with FOD.
  • Expansion tank, capacity 1,500 litres with electric level sensor for safety. Specific float to avoid oil oxidation at the surface. Supporting structure: 4 m high.
  • High temperature oil circulation group, centrifugal type, flow of 60 m3/h, to feed the oil tubes
  • Regulated temperature oil circulation group, centrifugal type, flow of 30 m3/h, to feed the platform for special bitumen manufacturing.
  • Oil circulation group, volumetric type, flow 3m3/h for oil filling
  • 3-way motorized mixer valve, driven by a PID type numeric regulator
  • PT 100 probes for measure and regulation of temperature of hot and return oil
  • Gas stack, 4 m high, made of ordinary steel.
  • Automatic programming of heating. Numeric regulators for hot and return oil
  • Wiring and connection of the different components in our workshop
  • Mounted on a chassis
  • Delivered to site ready to work
  • Hot Oil Boiler Range available from 550 kW to 1750 kW