Pothole Repair Patcher - Pick-up Truck

Fast moving self contained maintenance unit. Truck mounted pothole patcher suitable for any chassis. Truck body divided to carry various grades of chippings. Chipping tray with chutes fitted for easy access to materials. Binder pump driven by hydraulics or diesel engine with in-cab controls.

Description: This Patcher consists of a Binder Tank placed on the truck chassis between the cab and body. A tipping body is fitted with rear mounted tray and chutes for ease of access to chippings.

Binder Capacity: 900 litres.

Chip Capacity: 3,500 kg [for 7,500kg truck]

Tank: Mild Steel shell insulated with wire-backed rockwool insulation and clad in aluminium sheeting.

Heating: Gas fired through an internal flue. Diesel burner can be fitted

Drive: Hydraulic motor drive to the binder pump from truck hydraulic system

Pumping: Binder is pumped through a positive displacement pump.

Spraying: Binder sprayed through a manual spray lance with 4m long hose.

Gauges: Temperature gauge fitted to the tank.Pressure gauge fitted on the spraying line.

Controls: Binder spray control by gate valve on spray lance.

Body: Body divided to take varying sizes of chippings. Two chutes fitted with clamshell closing action allowing chippings supply into rear chip tray located at a convenient height for workmen. Hydraulically operated compactor platform fitted at rear.

Fittings: Orange flashing warning light fitted. Men at work sign fitted. Reflective warning signs fitted. Side rails and lighting to DoE specification.