Rosco Velocity Patcher

Velocity patcher operated by driver from within the cab. Potholes are cleaned out, primed, filled, sealed and compacted in one operation. Binder tank 1,350 litres. Chippings hopper 4.5cu. metres. Towed or demountable mini Velocity Patcher also available, suitable for fitting on 7.5t truck.

Description: Rosco type Velocity Pothole Repair Unit which can carry out  the following operations. Clean out pothole with high volume air blower. Spray tack coat of emulsion. Spray a mixture of aggregate and emulsion to fill pothole. Apply finish coat of dry aggregate. Strip surface repairs, up to 800mm wide, can be carried out. Repairs to road surface can be applied when truck in forward motion.

Dimensions: Length: 8,000mm.Boom Extension: 4,400mmWidth: 2,450mmHeight: 3,150mm

Chassis: Mounted on customer preferred truck chassis.

Drive: Hydraulic power pack driven by auxiliary engine with electric start and pre set controls. (Live drive from truck available).

Hydraulics: Dual hydraulic pump with minimum 45 lpm per section.

Air System: High volume, low pressure, positive displacement blower driven by hydraulic Power Pack and capable of 850 CFM @ 2,850 rpm.

Aggregate System: 5.0 cu.m (8t) welded round aggregate hopper tank with folding doors for ease of loading by front loader. Gravity feed of aggregate. Cab controlled, adjustable feed slide gate meters aggregate flow.  System will accept local aggregates up to 20mm in size.

Emulsion Tank: Insulated emulsion tank. Heating provided by 240 volt diesel burner or electric immersion. Overnight heating control. Emulsion line heated to prevent clogging during operation.  Tank mounted 125mm dial thermometer and emulsion level indicator are both visible from cab.Tank Size: 1,500 litres.Tank Fill Opening: 300mm.

Emulsion Feed & Flush System: Air pressurised system to deliver sufficient emulsion to completely cover aggregate at full feed capacity.  Delivery system capable of maintaining 60 PSI.  Flush system has a 140 l minimum capacity with provisions for storing used flush material.  Emulsion tank is equipped with a three way valve for flush, delivery and shut off.

Operator Controls: Located at the drivers station.  All patching functions are in the cab and include cleaning, tack coating, patching and dust coating.  The joystick controls the emulsion valve, aggregate gate, extension/retraction, swing and lift functions of the boom.  Beacon light switch.

Telescopic Boom: One piece, double acting boom with three stage telescoping aggregate delivery tube with emulsion hose take up reel. The Articulating boom folds at low level across the front of the truck.

Fittings: Rear View Camera with wide angle lens complete with flat screen colour monitor in cab. Rear Mounted Arrow Board in electrically illuminated light sequence with directional setting by operator.

Quality: Computerised control, monitoring and storage of operation performance data in onboard computer system.

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